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Many people who face unmanageable debt spend too much time attempting to work their way out of it or are simply dodging the reality of the situation. By the time they consult with a bankruptcy attorney, it’s often too late to save their house or other important assets.

At Steele Law Firm, PLLC, in Fort Worth, I provide a comfortable, welcoming environment in which you can work through your financial troubles with assistance from a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

My firm is not a “bankruptcy mill” that is merely interested in rushing every client through the same cookie-cutter process in order to collect our fee and send them on their way. I bring a personal — and personable — approach to every case, taking the time to analyze the unique facts in order to tailor a legal strategy that fits. In fact, if there is a better way to resolve your debt problems than filing bankruptcy, I will tell you so and help you connect with those who can assist you.

I have practiced bankruptcy law in Texas since 2009. I have helped hundreds of individuals and families:

Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13?

If it is determined that bankruptcy is the best solution, the next step is to determine whether to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13. There are benefits to each and, depending upon your circumstances and your long-term objectives, reasons to opt for one over the other.

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, depending on qualifications, individuals can discharge all unsecured debt, including credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans and other debts that do not have an asset tied to them as collateral. Chapter 7 bankruptcy immediately halts creditor harassment and wage garnishment. It typically can be completed in four to six months.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep most of your assets, including your house and car, provided you have enough income to restructure your debt and create a plan to repay all or a portion of what you owe through a bankruptcy trustee. A Chapter 13 repayment plan will resolve your debt within three to five years.

I will review your situation and help you determine the best solution. Although it is not required to use an attorney to file bankruptcy, it is a wise decision to do so. Not only can mistakes made during the form-heavy process cause delays, but without the proper guidance, you may lose assets that you would otherwise be able to keep using federal and Texas bankruptcy exemption laws.

Discuss Your Options | Get Answers To Your Questions

I welcome the opportunity to review your situation during a free consultation and explain the options available to you. I will answer your questions and recommend the best steps to take. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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