Facing Legal Problems Because Of Medical Bills?

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Unexpected medical problems can quickly turn your financially stable situation into crisis mode. Many Texas residents have faced the situation where things are going fairly well financially, then an illness or injury occurs and leaves them completely financially strapped. It’s no secret how expensive medical care can be, and if your injury or illness is moderate to severe, you will likely need repeated doctor visits, treatments, perhaps even surgery to rectify the situation. As you continue to seek all treatment necessary for recovery, debt may increase.

It’s easy to fall way behind paying medical bills, especially if your insurance isn’t all that great. It is one thing to get a few calls from an accounting department and quite another to receive notice that someone is filing a lawsuit against you. Even serious financial situations are often temporary, so it pays to remain as calm as possible when such problems arise. If you know how to access viable support, you may be able to get things back on track sooner rather than later.

Take action right away

One of the worst things you can do if you learn someone is suing you for medical debt is to ignore the situation. Instead, if you take a proactive stance and research your rights and options before proceeding to court, you may find solutions you didn’t realize existed. The following ideas may be useful in your particular situation:

  • Identify specific debt: You have a right to know the exact origin of the debt listed in the lawsuit against you. Various types of errors or insurance issues may lead to unmet medical expenses; if you can track down documentation of the issues at hand, you may be able to rectify the problem.
  • Show up for court: Once a court date is set, it’s crucial that you attend and that you arrive on time. Beforehand, you can thoroughly research the process so you know what to expect, along with any options available that may help you achieve a favorable outcome.
  • Enlist outside support: The average person with no background in consumer debt laws may have a difficult time overcoming legal problems regarding medical debt. Prior to court, you may want to discuss the issue with someone well versed in such laws, as well as experience in navigating the legal system.
  • Consider immediate debt relief solutions: There are certain types of bankruptcy that would prevent others from pursuing debt collection lawsuits against you.

A setback doesn’t necessarily have to mean permanent financial disaster. If you know where to seek support, you may be able to better focus on your recovery while someone else helps you address legal problems that have arisen because of your medical debt.

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