How to Find the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Irving, TX

When you are in a position where you must consider bankruptcy, you are already feeling the strain related to uncontrollable and unmanageable debt. This strain can reach a tipping point while you are attempting to figure out the process to effectively file for bankruptcy. Failing to use bankruptcy to its full advantage can have long-term, damaging effects, dragging down the effectiveness of a process meant to create a clean financial slate to build on. A skilled Irving bankruptcy lawyer can support you through bankruptcy, helping you make decisions that can set you up for success once the bankruptcy is complete.

How to Find the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Irving TX


Bankruptcy is a federal process created to help people who find themselves in more debt than they can reasonably pay off. It enables these individuals to liquidate some assets to pay their debts or create a repayment plan. Petitions can be filed by an individual, spouses, a municipality, a corporation, or another entity. Bankruptcy cases are heard in federal courts, under rules detailed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Each type of bankruptcy is generally referred to by the relevant chapter in this code and includes:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 12
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 15

Indications of a Strong Bankruptcy Attorney

The attorney you choose during your bankruptcy can have a significant impact on how your case proceeds as well as how you feel during the process. An internet search will show a long list of potential Texas bankruptcy attorneys, so finding methods to narrow down that list is important. Considering these factors can help you find an attorney who is right for you:

  • Local to Your Area
    Although bankruptcy is a federal process, it is not uncommon for some of the rules and regulations to vary between locations. An attorney local to you is already aware of the applicable laws, which can ensure that the bankruptcy is managed correctly. A local attorney also understands the financial climate and unique needs of your community. When searching for an attorney, find one who handles cases in your area.
  • Positive Reviews
    Attorneys work with a large number of clients, and their reputation within a community is vital to consider when evaluating attorneys. If you know another person who consulted with an attorney for bankruptcy, you can ask for their experiences with any attorneys they spoke to. You can also conduct a web search and read through the reviews for any attorneys you are considering. These reviews can give you insight into the attorney and their teams.
  • Experience With Situations Similar to Yours
    Each bankruptcy will be as unique as the person or family filing and must be treated as such. However, aspects of your bankruptcy will be similar to others filed in the area. Asking the attorneys you consult with about their experience filing bankruptcies similar to yours can ensure that you find an attorney who already has exposure to the rules and regulations applicable to your case. It is especially important that the attorney has experience with the type of chapter you are considering. Additionally, attorneys who focus on bankruptcies should be considered more heavily than those who handle a wider range of cases.
  • Personality Mesh
    When you are consulting with attorneys, personality mesh is just as important as skill. Bankruptcy is a deeply personal experience. It can be difficult to be completely honest about a situation that is tied so closely to your emotions. However, honesty with your attorney is incredibly important for a successful bankruptcy. An attorney whom you feel you can communicate freely with and who has communication methods that match your own should be strongly considered when choosing your lawyer.


Q: Will I Be Forced to Surrender All My Assets If I File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A: You will not lose all your assets if you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Both federal and Texas laws have accounted for these concerns and have a list of assets that are exceptions to bankruptcy liquidation. Texas laws are often generous to those filing Chapter 7; for example, there is an exception for property totaling less than 100 acres in a rural area or less than 10 acres in a town.

Q: What Is Loan Modification?

A: Loan modification is a potential alternative to declaring bankruptcy. It is a negotiation between a creditor and a debtor that results in a modified loan agreement, allowing a lower payment. This helps the debtor avoid filing for bankruptcy, and the creditor is able to continue collecting on the debt instead of risking losing the entire amount owed. For this reason, many creditors are willing to negotiate the debt, especially if they are approached by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Q: Will My Credit Score Be Severely Impacted by Filing for Bankruptcy?

A: The impact bankruptcy has on your credit score depends on your existing score, credit history, and other credit factors. Bankruptcies will appear on your credit report and can stay on the report for up to ten years, negatively affecting your score and ability to open future lines of credit. However, if your credit score is low and the bankruptcy significantly reduces your debt-to-income ratio, your score may increase.

Q: Will I Have to Go to Court If I File for Bankruptcy?

A: In most instances of bankruptcy filings, you will only need to attend a proceeding called the “meeting of creditors.” During this proceeding, you will meet with any creditor that chooses to attend the meeting and the bankruptcy trustee. This meeting is usually short and simple; you will be asked questions about your financial situation and bankruptcy forms. Unless complications arise, or you choose to dispute your debt, you will not need to appear before a judge.

Dedicated Bankruptcy Representation

As a firm that focuses primarily on clients going through consumer bankruptcy, Steele Law Firm is dedicated to helping you succeed in your financial future. Our team members understand how complex and emotionally draining bankruptcy can be, so we ensure a judgment-free experience throughout your case. Whether your most effective option is bankruptcy or alternatives like debt modification, our team is ready to take on your case. To schedule a consultation with the adept Steele Law Firm team, contact our office today.

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